Talking About Sex

It’s important to start talking with our kids about sexuality and relationships. What age do we start? How do we express our personal, familial, and cultural expectations without alienating our child? What do we even say? These resources will help you navigate the waters.

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Talking to your Teens about Sex, Love and Relationships

Birth Control Options

These sites will give you unbiased, trusted, and easy to read basics about birth control options. Share these resources with your teen or go through them together. Encourage your teen to discuss their options with their medical provider and take your own questions along.

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The Association of Reproductive Health Professionals

Bedsider—Method Explorer

Healthy Relationships

We can all remember at least some of our teenage relationships, both the good and bad. Protecting our teens means talking to them about what a healthy relationship looks like and how to identify signs of abuse. These resources will help you start the conversation.

Resources for your Teens

These trusted sites will help your teens inform themselves about sex and relationship issues. Suggest your child check them out to help guide important discussions that you're having together. Also, they can safely explore and learn on their own.

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Making Informed Choices for Your Future

Improving Teen Sexual Health Across the Country

MTV’s Emmy Award winning Public Information Campaign

Reduces Early Sex and Pregnancy by Educating Children and Teens