1. When, how and why?

    It’s easy—ask them what’s on their mind and go from there! Research supports that talking with your kids about sex doesn’t encourage them to be sexually active. It’s okay to ask them what they think—then, honestly and respectfully correct any misperceptions. If you don’t know the answer, work together to find it.

  2. More than just the talk.

    Just listen. You can help your teens avoid pregnancy and unhealthy relationships by showing interest in their social lives. Also, let your kids know that you highly value education and want to help them find positive options for their future. If they’re sexually active or planning to be, help them find a health care provider. Check out Resources for more tips.

  3. Make the conversation ongoing.

    Be open to talking about sex and relationship issues as they arise. Include the topics in other family conversations so that it becomes more expected and comfortable. Let them tell you what topics are on their mind, and if they’re comfortable, they can lead the conversation. They should be able to always come to you with important and difficult questions.